Academic Degrees

International University of Cooperative Education

Germany is well known world-wide for the effectiveness of its “dual” education system. Besides traditional education at the vocational school and technical academy level, Germany has introduced dual higher education at the bachelor and master university degree level.

Introduced in 1974 in the State of Baden-Württemberg in so called “Universities of Cooperative Education”(UCE) and made more flexible recently in a new regulation in the State of Hessen, two German States where several academic and vocational schools are strongly implanted. In a dual system under an UCE, the training takes place for a half in classroom lectures and for another half in the form of practical on-the-job training activities in sponsoring companies.

The typical employer will offer a traineeship to the student with the firm intention of ultimately taking the successful graduate into permanent employment. In fact, almost 90% of graduates receive a work contract when they take their final exams.

All the listed programmes at the link below have been screened and selected by DAAD and, as a rule, share the following characteristics:

  • They offer internationally recognised degrees
  • They are accredited, or have an accreditation pending
  • They are taught solely or primarily in English (or another major foreign language)
  • They have an internationalised curriculum with study periods abroad and/or have ties with international guest lecturers and universities
  • They include professional coaching and counselling for international students inside and outside your specific area of study

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