European Funding Guide

“Now every student can easily find out which scholarships exactly match his or her individual profile in just a few clicks” Mira Maier, founder of European Funding Guide”

European Funding Guide – your starting point for student finance in Europe This EU-backed platform helps you find scholarships, grants and loans to finance your education in the EU. With over 27 billion EUR worth of opportunities, European Funding Guide steers you through the process of finding the support you need.

European Funding Guide is a website compiling over 12,000 funding opportunities for students – that’s 80% of the 15,000 scholarships, grants, awards and loans on offer in the EU.

Here are some of the features available on European Funding Guide:

  • Matching your profile with the opportunities out there– saving you from trawling through search results
  • Tips and resources to support you through the application process – whether it’s submitting an online application to interviews and presentations
  • An internship portal detailing work experience openings around Europet