YEA legal experts follow a training on EU product rules

The legal experts of Your Europe Advice (YEA) took on 8 February part in an online webinar on EU product rules. The internal training, titled All you need to know about EU Product Rules. The ‘Blue Guide 2022 on the implementation of the product rules’, was a combined training for YEA, SOLVIT and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) with over 150 attendees.

Claire Damilano, Senior Legal Manager at ECAS and part of the YEA management team, presented Your Europe Advice to the participants and explained that the service is receiving more and more business-related questions. She provided the audience with a couple of examples: enquiries on access to the EU market, buying goods, Standards, CE mark and intellectual property.

“The business questions we receive are often complicated, that is why we welcome this webinar.”, Claire Damilano said.

The participants received information on the revised Blue Guide on EU Product rules, conformity assessment and accreditation and on the mutual recognition of goods. The presentations were provided by the European Commission. The YEA legal experts found the training very interesting and useful and used the opportunity to ask specific questions during the Q&A. With the information learned they can even better reply to questions from businesses and EU citizens regarding EU product rules.

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